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About U10 Premier Development

U10 Premier Development teams are our top Player Development Academy teams and play in OYSA Developmental Summer, Fall, and Spring Leagues, in addition to summer tournaments.

Player Development Academy players are introduced to the habits, productive attitudes, and highest playing standards required to become a well rounded athlete. Teams train 2-3 times per week and constantly are developing their technical, tactical, physical, and mental skills. Our goal is that our players develop to grow both as well-rounded athletes, as well as community members and leaders. Tryouts are held annually in May to identify and select the top local players in our community for the U10 age group.

U10 Premier Development teams are the top teams in the PDA, comprised of 10-12 players and play 7v7 soccer. In our Premier Development program, our coaches focus on developing elite technique and introduce advanced ideas for tactical understanding. In addition to basic skills and understanding, the Premier Development player will learn to create opportunities for themselves and others by learning to play as a team and beginning to understand their role. 

Our staff represents a variety of both grassroots and high-level playing experience, having competed as players for local & elite youth programs, as well as collegiate, semi-pro, and professional teams throughout the United States and abroad. Many SSC coaches have earned USSF National Licenses, United Soccer Coaches Diplomas, and also coach for local high schools (NFHS Certificate) and elite state programs. This diverse combination of playing and coaching experience adds unique perspectives to the culture of our club.