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SOUTHSIDE SC Return to Play Plan PHASE I - Initial Phase

Active Phase 1 Programs - Socially Distant Group Trainings:

Player Development Academy U7-U110 - Registration Open Until August 15th! 
U10 Premier Development
Fusion U11-U14

Competitive Academy U11-U14


1. Participants must be healthy and free of symptoms in order to participate.

All participants - coaches, players, volunteers, and staff - must be free of a cough and/or fever above 100.4 degrees and otherwise symptoms free for the last 72 hours and at least 14 days from any onset of symptoms. Anyone who is exhibiting these symptoms during training will be asked to return home.

Parents will be asked to sign a waiver on behalf of their child in order to participate that indicates their child is not sick or has not had contact with someone with Covid19. A current waiver must be on file for participation. This waiver is also an “Assumption of Risk”.

Coaches and staff will take each player’s temperature before training begins and upon arrival be asked the following questions and respond negatively in order to train

    • Have you had a cough or a fever above 100.4 degrees within the last 72 hours?
    • Have you had contact with anyone with confirmed COVID19?

2. Hand Washing and sanitizing of equipment

Coaches and players will be asked to sanitize their hands before and after every training. Players are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer. We will have some additional hand washing stations/sanitizer available at the field.

Our office will be cleaned and disinfected daily. To limit traffic in the office we ask that members enter the office only for official business with staff.

Training will occur in small groups with adequate space.

All training will initially be limited to no more than 10 players per session. These cohorts of players will be selected, and players/coaches will stay within these cohorts during this phase of return to play.

No more than one group will be on each quarter of a field at a time.


1. Limiting of touching of equipment

There will be no sharing of equipment in this phase. Coaches will be the only ones touching cones, goals, etc. This equipment will be sanitized by staff before and after every training session.

Players will have their own marked area for their personal equipment such as a ball, water bottle (no sharing of water bottles), and backpack. These will be marked and spaced out appropriately.

2. All players and staff will maintain minimum 6ft distancing

Training activities will be non-contact, utilizing cones to maintain a minimum of 6ft distance. Topics will include fitness, individual skill work on the ball, passing, and finishing.

Players will not be allowed to touch. No handshakes, high fives, huddles, etc.

Lines of players will maintain appropriate social distancing.

Volunteers and team managers will be utilized to help ensure players and any spectators are maintaining 6ft distancing throughout each training session.

3. Protective Equipment

Coaches not actively coaching will be required to wear a facemask.

Masks are not required during training sessions, though players may wear one if they would like.

COVID-19 Response

In conjunction with the Oregon Youth Soccer Association, we have created and outlined our Return to Play Guidelines. These guidelines apply to all participants, players, coaches, family members, parents & guardians attending any club event. Please review and prepare to take individual precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 once we return the pitch.

In addition to our RTP, we have produced an additional waiver. ALL participants must have a signed COVID-19 Waiver to participate. This is separate from the U.S. Youth Soccer Waiver, which is also still required. If you have already registered and did not fill out a COVID-19 Waiver, please contact our office staff via email.


Southside Soccer Club June 8th, 2020

Southside Soccer Club is prepared to launch the following Return to Play protocol for soccer activities in the State of Oregon. We have a dedicated staff of directors and coaches who are prepared to follow our RTP protocol. Additionally, we will be supplying an on- site Covid-19 Compliance Coordinator located at Southside Soccer Club fields.

The health and safety of our players, coaches, and Southside SC families take priority in our club’s decisions in returning to play. While orders from Governor Brown to prevent the spread of COVID19 remain in place, Southside SC has created a list of precautions and processes to be implemented once practices are allowed to resume.

These protocols have been developed in consultation with the Oregon Youth Soccer Association (OYSA). Given the fluidity of the current situation these protocols do not have a set duration, but the club will adhere to the recommendations of public health officials and make adjustments when needed.

We also recognize that each family has a different situation that may influence their desire to return to play. We want to make it clear that it is ultimately each family’s decision for when they feel comfortable having their player return to the field. Players will not be penalized for not attending trainings, so families should feel free to make the best decision for their unique situation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the members of the Return to Play Medical Committee at [email protected] with the subject ATTN: COVID-19

Click HERE to download and view Southside Soccer Club & Tigard Youth Soccer's Return to Play Guidelines.

Clich HERE to download COVID-19 Waiver.