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Tigard Youth Soccer - Fall Recreational Outdoor Soccer

Game Schedules
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Fall Soccer 2019 Registration is closed
Next event is Winter Academy, January and February

Call 503-968-7197 for information. 

Fall Season: mid August-October 26th
Games start September 7th.  

K-2 Grades: $120
3-8th grade: $140
9th-12th grade: $160
Kindergarten through 8th Grade are gender specific.  
9th-12th Grades are Co-ed.


 Game Day uniform rules:
K-2: white shirt for visiting team and green shirt for home team per TYS rules.  
(If you happen to play a team from Sherwood or Tualatin at 2nd grade, then home team must change if there is a conflict per THJSL rules.)
3-HS Coed: home team must change if there is a conflict per THJSL rules.


All players need a uniform consisting of one green and one white shirt, black shorts, and black socks.  In addition players need soccer cleats for grass, a ball, and a water bottle.  Uniforms can be bought at Tursi's Soccer Supply.  Equipment can be bought at Tursi's or Dick's Sporting Goods.
Tursi’s Soccer Supply.
10831 SW Cascade Ave. Suite A
Tigard, OR 97223
(503) 635-2202

Store Hours:
Monday 4pm-8pm
Tue-Fri 12pm-7pm
Saturday 12pm-4pm
Sunday 12pm-4pm


Questions: call 503-968-7197 or

Practice Field Maps

Fall Overview

Fall Outdoor Rec Soccer


Please read our FAQ section from more on the season

Q – Will my player be guaranteed to be on the team that we want?

 A – Sorry but no.  Every effort is made to put players on teams with their requested buddy/coach. We cannot guarantee that you will get on such team, if you register late or the team is already full. Teams are formed, with the priority being:

  1.       Requests
  2.       School
  3.       Registration date

Team formation is also a numbers game. We do not always have exact numbers to form even teams. We also do not always have enough coaches registering early, so we do our best to get teams formed, in order to get things like scheduling games done. We cannot make a game schedule if we have the number of teams constantly changing.


 Q – Can I request a particular location/ day and time for practice?

 A – Sorry. When teams are formed, the practice days, times and locations are selected by the coach. Our coaches are volunteers, so we have to give them the priority in choosing, to increase the chance of them being available for practice. Practices will be twice a week on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.


 Q – Can I switch/join a particular team?  I asked the coach if he/she had room for another player on the team.  He/she said “yes”. So can we join the team?

 A – Unfortunately, this will not always be possible. The coaches do not have the authorization to assign players. Even if the coach believes that they can take an extra player, the other families on the team may not be happy, as playing time will now be lessened per player, due to the larger roster. Also, in most cases, there are other teams, actually in need of additional players.  It’s very important to let us create balanced teams, creating a better experience for everyone.


Q – When will I be notified about my player’s team placement?

A – Families will be notified by their coach as to which team they are on shortly after the coaches meeting. The coaches meeting will happen by mid-August


Q – I paid just as much as everyone else, so why do I not have a coach yet?

 A – Coaches are parent volunteers from the teams. We usually have to start asking parents to volunteer as we get closer to the season, as the numbers of players for the teams exceed the coaches registered. This is nothing personal. It is just a numbers game and we do find teams for everyone that registered  while we still have space on teams.


Q – When are the games?

 A – Games are on Saturdays, beginning after Labor Day.


Q – Do I have to buy the uniform?

 A – Yes. Part of being on a team is uniformity in dress. Players will need to wear the club uniform.

Additional Information

Our Recreation Program is always in need of volunteer coaches. Without volunteer coaches our teams would not exist and players would go without soccer.  

We provide our coaches with training, practice plans, and constant support.  Please consider joining our team of coaches!

COACH’S INFO - All coaches are required to attend the Coaches Meeting where they will get their team rosters. This is a good time to ask questions about the program and to get to know the Rec Director. All coaches must complete and pass a background check. This can be found on the SSC website under recreational soccer. Program success depends on the involvement of interested adults. Volunteer coaches are desperately needed. We must have a coach for every team registered. If a coach is not found, the team will be disbanded and the players placed on different teams. No experience or prior indoor soccer knowledge is necessary. Information and training will be provided for coaches through the website and SSC’s professional coaching staff.  The Rec. Director can also be relied upon to help.

UNIFORM INFORMATION - Players will use a TYS recreational uniform. All players must have both Green and White uniforms, black short, and black socks. Uniforms can be purchased at: Tursi’s Soccer Store located at 10831 SW Cascade Avenue, Tigard, Or. 

We are sure you have thought: "How does soccer help my child?"

Well we have an answer for that:

  • Kids who play youth soccer perform better academically on average than kids that do not play sports.
  • Soccer helps develop important healthy lifestyle habits; reduce chances of behavioral issues; develop social skills; create a sense of community; inspire increased confidence; and enhance character development.
  • Many kids develop specific skills via youth soccer that help them succeed in high school athletics. A few aspiring and dedicated young athletes even go on to play in college and beyond.
  • Soccer is also one of the few team sports that you can play well into adulthood. Organized leagues exist for all levels and pick-up games happen nearly every day in Oregon. So obviously at Tigard Youth Soccer we are passionate about youth soccer.
  • Just one of the reasons we love soccer is that it’s a global game connecting the world to you and you to the world.
  • Ultimately, youth soccer is a great way to make friends, enjoy the camaraderie of teams, and have a ton of fun!