Southside Soccer Club / Tigard Youth Soccer

Information for Coaches and Background Check Information

The success of the indoor program depends on our volunteer coaches; therefore, we appreciate all the work that you do!  Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions, 503-968-7197.

In order to volunteer as a coach, it is manditory that you complete a background check.  Therefore, please complete this process as soon as possible.

To volunteer as a coach: register the same as you do for your player.  The registration form is next to the player registration form.

  • Complete the background check., which includes the abuse training and concussion training.  

Link for Background check:

Check the box for Coach/Admin Registration

 Link for the NFHS Abuse Training (this is the 25 minute course)
The certificate for using this training would have to be sent to OYSA to upload or send to  

You can use one of these programs:
Upload your completion certificate into Affinity once you are done or send to us for loading.

There will be a coaches meeting the first week of March to discuss the season upcoming season.

And again, thank you for volunteering your time.