Southside Soccer Club / Tigard Youth Soccer

Questions you ask...answers we have!

When do games occur? Fall Season games occur on Saturdays in September and October. If your player is in 5th – 12th grade they will play into November. Also, most 5th – 12th graders will have at least one weeknight game at the artificial soccer turf at Tigard High School.  All Spring Season games occur on Saturdays in April and May.

Where will games be played at? Southside Soccer Club and Tigard Youth Soccer have home fields at Cook Park and Tigard High School.  Exactly where you'll play depends on the grade of the player.  Each year we re-evaluate where games will play based on the estimated number of teams.  In the Fall, away games for 3rd and 4th grade may be at various locations in Tualatin or Sherwood. while away games for 5th through 12th grade teams will be at various locations in Tualatin, Sherwood, or within the Tualatin Hills Parks and Rec district. In Spring, there will be no away games for grades K - 2 and 3rd through 8th grade teams will play their away games within the Tualatin Hills Parks and Rec district.  Teams should expect to play no more than 50% of their games away from Tigard.  

When are practices? For the Fall season, the coach chooses a practice schedule that is convenient for themselves and their family. They choose the time, location, and days of practices. They can choose the early shift, 5:30-6:25pm, or the late shift, 6:30-7:25pm. (The shifts change to 5:30-6:10pm and 6:15-7:00pm near the end of September due to the loss of daylight.) They can practice on Monday/Wednesday nights or Tuesday/Thursday nights. They can choose a Tigard elementary school, middle school, high school, or city park location to hold their practices.  Due to lmiited field availability in the Spring, teams will only practice once per week at times/locations designated by the club.  We will work with the coaches to assure practice times work for everyone involved.  

Where will practices be held? Practices will occur at Tigard elementary, middle, and high school facilities as well as various city parks in Tigard.

When will practices begin? For the Fall season, the coach makes the decision as to when to begin practicing. It could be as early as August 1st, but may be as late as August 31st. Generally, the 4th – 12th grade teams will begin practicing early in August and the kindergarten – 3rd grade teams will begin practicing near the middle or end of August. For Spring, practices will begin about two weeks before the season starts.

When will practices end in Fall? The coach will decide when the team will stop practicing. Generally teams will practice twice per week during August and September.  Many of the teams, especially those below 4th grade, may practice once per week in October. Most all teams will be done practicing by the end of October. We let each coach make these decisions. If you are a 5th – 12th grade team and want to practice in November, you will have access to the field from 5pm-6pm one day per week but only on a reservation basis. Coaches will need to contact the club office to reserve a slot for their team.

Do I have to wear the official uniform? Yes, We want the players to experience the pride of belonging to a team. When all players dress alike, they feel part of the team.  This includes having the club sponsored logo on the game shirts and wearing the club chosen socks.

Do I have to wear cleats? No. But we do recommend them as they provide better traction. If you do wear cleats, the shoes cannot have a toe cleat. Those cleats are not approved for soccer.

Can I wear earrings or can I put tape over them? No. Soccer is a physical sport and players bump into each other. If a player were to have their ear bumped, the earring could puncture the skin or the ear lobe may be ripped. Earrings may NEVER be worn to practices or games and they may NEVER be taped over. This includes earrings, nose rings, brow rings, etc.

Can I wear jewelry? No. Soccer is a physical sport and players bump into each other. Jewelry can snag other players’ clothes or tangle in hair or scratch skin.

My child has a cast on their arm, can they still play? No. No plaster casts, metal casts, or metal braces may NOT be worn for practices or games. Soft wraps worn for support are ok.

have not yet heard from the coach. When should I get worried? Coaches are provided the team rosters at the coaches meeting at the end of July for Fall, and at the beginning of March for Spring season.  Many coaches are unable to attend that meeting due to prior work or family commitments. As a result, we are still distributing rosters well into August/March. Please do not call the office for your coach’s name until after the first Sunday of August (March 15th for Spring).

Will we practice on Back-to-School Nights? Perhaps. The school district requires us to cancel practices at a particular location when that location is hosting a Back-to-School Night. The scheduled Back-to-School nights will be provided to the coaches so that they know when to cancel practices.

I hear the club purchased land at Cook Park. What is the story? Several years ago, Southside Soccer Club joined with Tigard Little League to form the Atfalati Recreational District. This district then entered into a contract with the City of Tigard to purchase the land east of 92nd Avenue at Cook Park. The organization is paying $150,000 over ten years, interest free, for this land. The two sports groups are also responsible for the development of the soccer fields/baseball fields on this land. We have spent over $100,000 putting in the fields and purchasing the equipment. As the final phase of the project, we are paying for and running the snack shack at Cook Park. The snack shack will generally be open during all park hours and serves as a revenue source to help us meet our financial commitment to the city for this land and its development.

Who purchased the soccer turf field at Tigard High School? The recreational program and the competitive program of Southside Soccer Club developed the soccer turf field at Tigard High School. A portion of your fee goes directly to pay this loan to the school district. We also hold one fundraising event to help with the payment of this commitment.

Who purchased the stadium turf field at Tigard High School? The competitive program of Southside Soccer Club along with other youth sports groups and the high school football, baseball, and lacrosse teams developed the stadium turf field at Tigard High School. A portion of their fee goes directly to pay this loan to the school district. 

What do I need to know about soccer to coach? While we appreciate coaches that have played soccer sometime in their past, we are prepared to train those that have never played before. We hold various training clinics during August. Also, if a coach desires, we can send a competitive coach to one of your practice sessions to help you develop a practice plan or to demonstrate the skills you might want to teach the players. All coaches are supplied with a coaching manual that supplies information on drills and games to use at practice sessions. A love of working with youth, the desire to learn the sport, and the patience to teach the sport are a few of the most important tools you need to be a successful coach.